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What is jonadress
and how I got the idea about it?

Jonadress is a luxury photo and videos service in flying dresses handmade in Croatia 🇭🇷 ❤️

I am a photographer and I'm obsessed with it and my mum is a tailor. She handmade all of the dresses in my home in Croatia with the same sewing machine I played with when I was a kid. I dreamed about big long dresses whole my life and wanted to take photos in them at beautiful special places and my idea is to provide that experience to all of you. If you don’t want ordinary you’re at the right place!

I spent hours and hours researching creative photo ideas since I was in primary school and I saw so many ordinary photos for weddings, elopements, birthdays, valentines, engagement and I wanted to change it. If you feel like standing out, want something special and different than everything else I am yours 😃

Jonadress is for everyone who wants to treat themselves for any occasion or no occasion at all because they are special, proud, pretty, smart, bold, gorgeous, or want the best pictures on the market this is it 💗

I combined my love for photography with my passion for traveling so I pack my suitcase full of dresses and travel the world ✨🥰 I hope we will meet in your city too ❤️

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Who can have a jonadress photoshoot?

Everyone who feels like it, anytime, anywhere! Special dress, special place and special people ✨

Will the dress fit?

jonadress infinity flying dress fits all the types of body. All the dresses are infinity dresses and all the sizes can wear them ✨

How do I change?

I have a changing cloth that I bring with me to all the Photoshoots so you don’t have to worry about changing in cringe places and dirty bathrooms

Do we provide make up and hair?

We don’t do hair and make up but we can always suggest someone if we know a person. We prefer your natural style and with all the previous experience , everyone feels the best when they are wearing natural make up and hair, something they used to wear before 

How long is the photoshoot?

1 hour is the primary package, there are some longer packages with more than 1 dress

What about the payment?

We provide you with the invoice 

I can’t wait to meet you! 😊